torsdag den 22. november 2007

So, it took me a long time to post this thingy. It's not done yet, I will probably finish it in january when I get back to good old DK.. I'm coming up with the kitchen for Granny, where the Gingerbread Man comes to life. Meanwhile I have also played around with character designs, storyboard and color keys for the film - so this kitchen has been put on hold. Working with the over all color concept is really interesting and very important, It is some of the first things you want to deside, otherwise you may have to go back and change your artwork later on. And by "you" I mean "I". Take this kitchen; I cant tell you too much, but it aint gonna be yellow!! (by Sus)

In the story there is a story book which I am working on Pt. Quite interesting! Here I am trying to find a good color for this illustration/forest and the cottage of the old man and the old woman. I like the happy nice feeling that the green forest has and should be. But otherwise my favorite is the 1st thumbnail. I'm trying to have the house stand out from the forest, using contrast in warm/cold colors and saturation. The characters need adjusting in color to fit in now... This is work in progress.. (by sus)

lørdag den 3. november 2007

Jon Kenny

Above: Irish funnyman, writer, actor Jon Kenny has agreed to do a voice for "Gingerbread Man". It's exciting to bring his talent and brain onto the project. photo by Donal O' Caoimh

torsdag den 1. november 2007

Monsters of Kerry revisited

Jeppe has been working on the little boy monster design... and Maahir the little girl monster design. Finally getting them to a place where we can start building the models in the computer. Above is a little sketch by Maahir based on the designs of both fellows.