torsdag den 17. januar 2008

A little Pandie- monium

The internship is over, but a few of the students are still helping out with the short... Including Mr. Maahir Pandie. He has spent the last week or so trying to come up with a final design for the "story teller" character. We've all taken a crack at him... but nothing has been quite right. He's difficult... because he is the main character in the film... and he has a fairly deep and complex personality. Getting closer though... and I expect Maahir will nail the thing down this week. tod

torsdag den 3. januar 2008

Santa Bros. Storm Bangkok

(photos by Aaron)
Every tuesday night, animators from around Bangkok get together and eat "shwarmas". However, this night it was just Ingo, Aaron (shy behind the lens) and I with the rest of the gang on vacation... or busy back in Europe, South Africa... or wherever they happened to land. My santa suit is in storage... so thanks to Da... Ingo and I were able to continue the Santa Brother tradition another year. Bringing smiles to children of all ages here in the Kingdom of Thai.