tirsdag den 10. februar 2009


Above: Animation wrap at "The Monk Studio": Every person here has contributed in some way in the production of Gingerbread man. I owe a great deal to Juck, and the gang. Thank you all! Now on to render and post production!

mandag den 9. februar 2009

Fresh baked to your door

Above: A rough design for Grannies delivery truck. I say rough because this design will be translated to work in 3D... and sometimes certain lines in the design have to change slightly in order to work. The main thing is keeping the "feeling" of the design.

Below: A sketch by Jannick Grool... In the long version of the story I had imagined Granny being a sort of heavy metal momma... dressed in black leather. Heavy Metal versions of traditional Irish folk songs would boom out of her ride. The big plow on front isn't for snow... it's to clear the sheep out of the way. Granny is one of my favorite characters in the film... but unfortunately I had to cut some of her best bits early for time sake. Hopefully someday I can make the complete long version of the story.

torsdag den 5. februar 2009

Small Bites

Uploading a few of Aarons test renders from the famous race sequence. The gag being that there wasn't enough of a budget to paint proper backgrounds, or do proper animation in this section of the film. The back story being that school children were employed. The truth is... two school children designed the animals for this sequence... Nate and Ean Moretti... but I never actually paid them. Though I will probably take them out for an ice cream, or a glass of water once I have save enough money to actually go home. Hope they like the end result. -tod