torsdag den 22. januar 2009

Brune Kager

Above: A test render of the storyteller by Aaron in Bangkok. We have been using combustion, and after fx for our composites. This part of the production has been put on hold until I return from Denmark, and Aaron returns from his honeymoon. -tod

tirsdag den 20. januar 2009


Been a while since the last post... things are moving forward however. Our pal Aaron is busy compositing in the land of the free (that's what the name "Thailand" means) . Kaywood Foos is whacking away (whatever that means) on the final shot there in Krunthep... and our man In DK... Nicolai Slothuus is helping on the atlantic side of things. Hope to have a few images from the film up soon! Here I am in my "new" old office in Viborg. The animation workshop allowed me to decorate a bit... lights, chairs... in the color scheme of the old "ship wreck inn" from that delighful short film "Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!!" Now if only I could find a leather wing back chair. -tod