tirsdag den 16. oktober 2007

Visual Structure

Above: Working with a visual structure... Having a road map to help guide a project is really helpful. Here I have plotted the intensity of each sequence of
"Gingerbread". If you use the same lighting, color, and contrast in each sequence of your film... your film will feel flat. But you can really push a story by pushing things visually. This method of working is described in Bruce Blocks book "Visual Storytelling". Dave Thomas, and Jorge Gutierrez, Roman Laney and I used this method on the TV show "El Tigre" for Nickelodeon with a lot of success. Just thought it might be interesting to show the Visual Structure for "Gingerbread" here.

2 kommentarer:

tomm sagde ...

thats cool tod - nicely laid out too...I've been playing with Bruce Blocsk ideas too in Brendan...interesting stuff

RoShaw sagde ...

What does the gray for some sequences indicate?