onsdag den 5. marts 2008

Kenny in the Can

We haven't posted here in a while... but January and February have been busy months... working on design, script, boards... and most importantly recording Jon Kenny. The animation workshop brought Jon all the way to Denmark for a 3 hour recording session... and he did a fantastic job... bringing new ideas, along with his talent. The night before the recording session, Jon, Michelle Nardone, and Tod stayed up until 6am... sharing song, stories, and Irish whiskey... just to "get to know each other a bit better". Seemed fitting. Tired during the recording session... but a much better vision of what we were actually doing.

Congratulations as well to Susanne, Jannick, Jeppe, and Maahir on graduating, and getting your bachelors degrees. Thank you for sharing your talents, and humor... I hope we cal all work together again soon. tod

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Anonym sagde ...

See Here or Here

Susanne Bækby Olesen sagde ...

Hey Tod, thanks again... This project is really getting along well. I cant wait to see more. I wish I'd be in Bkk again working w you and sharing coffees n shawarmas.

I cross my fingers for a long distance relationship now.

Bang Sue