mandag den 10. marts 2008

NobleTales Re- Re Post

Above: Only a few of the stories that have been in development for the NobleTales series... there are many more at various stages... and a lot more blanks on the map to fill in.

Above: Part of the NobleTales TV series pitch... But originally designed to be a series of theatrical shorts... inspired by the classic shorts that Maurice himself helped create. The Pumpkinlove website is not working at the time of this post... but I am hoping to get it back up and running soon.

This post has a lot less to do with Gingerbread, and more to do with the series Gingerbread is a part of... Noble Tales. I posted some of the presentation material from the series a while back... but for some reason the images were too small. So I have been asked to re-post the images at a larger size. You can see a few more examples of art from the series here: and can read more about the project, and Maurice Noble himself here: Enjoy! tod

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Love your artwork dude, will be back for sure!!