mandag den 24. september 2007

IIR (Intensive Irish Research)

Above: Tod doing some very important "Pub Research" in Dublin... scouting potential locations, less than a stones throw from the Guinness factory. (photo by Da)

Da was very helpful in this phase of the research. Helping relieve some of the stress that creative thinking can bring. Tough work... but somebody has to do it.
Above: Another important phase of the "Pub Research" in Dublin... tasting the stout... seeing how it might inspire story and gag ideas. (photo by Da)

Above:A sketch by Tod... inspired by his intensive, deep, research in Ireland.

I thought it would be nice to upload some research photos from Ireland... where I met actual Irish people in their native habitat (to be shown in upcoming posts). I thought it was important to show how much thought and care has gone into the making of "Gingerbread Man". The "Gingerbread Man" team continues its research in Thailand... there are several pubs in Bangkok that pour a "proper pint".

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