tirsdag den 18. september 2007

Pics from everyday life

Yep, here's a couple of photos from the first week and ½. Later there will hopefully be sketches and fun stuff from the production too, so that you guys can see that we're actually working...

Our fantastic and incredibly intelligent and handsome director
The tech department hanging out in the yard and smoking guns... Oo to the left and May to the right

The directors kicking eachother's butts in Wii Boxing

This cat, whose name is MAXIMUM, is very cool

Yes, he is smiling, but don't be tricked; this guy will kill for a shawarma. Which, by the way, were delicious.

FG: One happy south african BG: Tou, focused on shuffling for another round of UNO.

The view from the back of yet another Thai cab in yet another traffic jam.

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