søndag den 23. september 2007

Pics from THE CHLONG.

One sunday afternoon, invited by Mark & Yee, we set out to visit the Chlongs - the venice of Bangkok. On the way I caught these worker dudes hanging out in the back of their truck. They didn't mind a white guy like me photographing them.
Bangkok has appearantly grown like crazy during the last decade - which means they had to throw up some infrastructure FAST and efficient. These Concrete rails carry the Skytrain around - and give the whole place a bit of a Blade Runner feeling. Especially when it rains.
Finally we reached the Chlongs which is a word for these canals - basically a recidential area on the west river bank whose houses rest on wooden pillars on the water.
We rode on these huge canoe boats with some kind of truck engine with a propella attached to push it forwardIf that isn't cool, nothing is cool. Right out of a lo tech movie.
Holy catfish that come up to the boat to eat toast bread near the temples (it's illegal to fish them near holy grounds) There are Thousands and they are quite big...

This guy is pretty cool too. In the background you see the temple. A little to the right of him, three monks in orange clothes were hanging out and drinking pepsi. The photo of them isn't as good as this one, so I left it out.

The river and the river houses...pretty basic stuff

Our beloved captain in complete control
Nice to see these cool kids having fun on the banks
The crew: The dudes in the FG (not Maahir) are Tou and Mark, and in the back you see Yee and Oi, Marks wife and a friend of hers.
Last one, waiting for the gate to go up...

That's all! All in all a nice little boat trip.

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Nice photos Jeppe... wish I could have joined you guys. Had some plumbing problems. Looks like you had a nice time. Glad we could all have Japanese together though.