torsdag den 20. september 2007

A place at "The Monk"

Above (L 2 R): Ingo (waiting for a beard stroking), Jeppe (excitable curls), Jannick (monkey boy in front), Tod (passing gas), Juck (wondering if he has made a mistake), Susanna (a girl), and Maahir (a quiet bomb ready to explode) all jet lagged on the first real day of production.

A HUGE THANKS goes out to Juck, who was kind enough to invite Tod to make "Gingerbread" at his studio "The Monk" in Bangkok. Another HUGE THANKS for inviting this crazy group from the "Animation Workshop" , Denmark to join in for a few months. The rest of the studio is looking forward to joining in as well... some of the very top talent in Thailand... but they are busy finishing up a few projects first. Look for more about this talented bunch in the future.

The site isn't finished at the date of this posting... but you can read more about "The Monk" at

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