onsdag den 26. september 2007

Just wee lads

Above: I thought I would talk a bit more about some of my inspiration for "Gingerbread". I found this photo somewhere on the net a while back. ( sorry I can't remember where exactly ) But it has inspired a lot of ideas... a whole sequence in fact!

Above: More photos ... if only for inspiration.
While these photos are funny in a peculiar way ... and while yes... there is a lot of beer in the film... no one actually gets drunk. After all... its only a cartoon. Sadly, I did come across more than one angry drunk schoolboy while working in Ireland.... and I dont mean to make light of this problem at all. It's not as funny when there are 10, 8 year olds standing around you with big wooden clubs.


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Marie Thorhauge sagde ...

Hej guys :o)
This looks grrrææt [pronounce with fabolous irish accent]! Babies who drink - now this is the stuff Oscar deserving films are made of hehe!

Wanting to see more